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The Galveston Regional Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce that scholarships are now available for the upcoming inaugural Sail to Success advanced Leadership Galveston program. These scholarships are made possible through a generous grant from The Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation, and they are exclusively available to chamber members. These scholarships aim to foster growth and development within the local business community by providing access to high-quality leadership training and mentorship opportunities. Scholarship applications for the Sail to Success program will be accepted from June 6, 2023 to July 6, 2023.

Sail to Success is a comprehensive and immersive program aimed to help emerging leaders navigate the waters of leadership and reach new heights in their careers and personal lives. The program, which is the brainchild of a team of experienced leadership coaches and business professionals, is designed to provide participants with the skills and knowledge they need to become effective and inspiring leaders. The comprehensive and immersive learning techniques utilized throughout the program are geared towards helping participants develop the critical leadership competencies that are required for success.

Sail to Success is a 12-month Leadership Program designed by the Galveston Regional Chamber of Commerce with the objective of developing strong leaders. It is built around the core skills needed in the four pillars of leadership – Leading Self, Leading the Team, Leading the Business and Leading into the Future. What makes Sail to Success so effective are the various approaches listed below.

  • Learning Retention. Instead of sending your leaders to a “one and done” session where they will absorb only a few ideas, then put their workbooks on the shelves never to refer to them again, we approach learning with a maximum retention strategy. We realize that if learning is not retained immediately, it will fade from short-term memory. This 12-month program is designed to ensure the participants retain the learning at a much higher level. .
  • Blended Learning. With the varied activities, such as reading, testing, real world application, teach backs, fun activities, and other anchoring techniques, we ensure participants walk away with innovative tactics and solutions for a higher level of understanding and retention.
  • Local Subject Matter Experts. In some instances we will invite local, established leaders to share their knowledge and experiences with the class, as learning enhancement.

Overview of What You Will Learn in the Class

Pillar One: Leading Self. Leadership starts with understanding your own strengths and weaknesses. We use assessments and models to identify proficiency in the basic elements of leadership such as communication skills, professionalism, and time management among others. Upon completion of this pillar, you will have a clear understanding of where your skills are strong and what you need to improve upon.
Pillar Two: Leading the Team. Introduces the core elements that any leader should understand and practice when building a team. The curriculum includes how to build trust, handle conflict, how to motivate and reward employees, how to set objectives and expectations, and the importance of diversity.
Pillar Three: Leading the Business. Teaches the importance of understanding your business through financials and budgeting, how to deliver stellar customer service, the basics of networking, and attracting and hiring employees and the importance of social media in today’s business environment.
Pillar Four: Leading into the Future. What’s next for me or my business? How can I get promoted? What’s my future role? Do I have a Alternate careers such as serving in public office and serving on community boards.

Sail to Success contains 12 modules, 8 hours each (96 hours of learning). Each session is spaced one month apart to maximize the learning and implementation. The participants will be assigned an Accountability Partner to support each other in applying the learning from each session. Each session will start off with an exercise designed to review the previous module learning.

The program is targeted towards any level of leader, aspiring, new or more experienced.

Sail to Success kicks off in August 2023. The pricing for the class will be $1500 per person. For more information, contact Lorraine Grubbs at lorrainegrubbs@gmail.com.

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