About Us

Pure. Clean. Simple.

TREASURES is all about simplicity, elegance and quality. From the quality of our editorial content to the quality of our advertising.
TREASURES cover is printed on 129# Premium Gloss Cover Stock, measuring 8.5 x 11 inches. No publication in the Galveston area matches it. Quality.
TREASURES text (inside) pages are printed on 100# Premium Gloss Text Stock. With museum quality press-proofed offset printing throughout. This allows our images to glow and pop. Again, no publication in the Galveston area matches it. Again, quality.
Lots of white space. One image per page. TREASURES is very much like an exhibition catalog from a world-class art museum. Quality throughout.
TREASURES is clearly directed to an upscale market. As an advertiser, this is precisely the market you need to reach. This is precisely the market that will utilize your products and services.
In TREASURES you are presented to that upscale market in the most upscale periodical available in Galveston County. And at an advertising rate that is lower than any other magazine in Galveston. So the highest quality at the lowest price. Welcome to TREASURES!