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In an effort to build a more resilient community, the Galveston County Office of Emergency Management has several programs designed to help prepare our businesses and the people that they serve.
Presentations are available free of charge at your facility on the following topics:
  • Hurricane/Disaster Preparedness
  • Active Threat Response
  • Standard Response/Reunification Protocols
  • Internet Safety
Additionally, Galveston County has materials specific to the threats that may impact our community, please disseminate these as needed to those who may benefit from this information.
On the link below, residents can receive emergency information they may need to make decisions during emergencies and times of disaster.
The Galveston County Office of Emergency Management is the only Emergency Management Office in the United States that is co-located with the National Weather Service. For the most up to date and official forecasts visit:
The STEAR, State of Texas Emergency Assistance Registry is a planning tool that allows us to identify people who may need help during a disaster. This includes those who may need a ride during an evacuation. This registry must be updated annually.
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