Interviews conducted on Monday, March 25, 2024 | Edna's Room at The Grand 1894 Opera House Promoting and Advocating for Business and Community Development Since 1845

On March 25, 2024, the Galveston Regional Chamber of Commerce facilitated video interviews, documented by i45NOW, featuring the 2024 Galveston mayoral and city council candidates. Questions were curated from our members and advocacy committee to prioritize issues crucial to the business community. Following a thorough assessment, the Chamber’s board of directors unanimously approved to endorse the following slate of candidates:

  • For Mayor: Dr. Craig Brown
  • District 1 Representative: Sharon Lewis
  • District 2 Representative: Luke Bohlman
  • District 3 Representative: Jeff Ehrich
  • District 4 Representative: Alexander Porretto
  • District 5 Representative: Beau J. Rawlins
  • District 6 Representative: Marie Robb

Endorsed candidates were selected based on their demonstrated support for local businesses and community initiatives, as well as their past and current involvement with the Chamber. Additionally, their advocacy for crucial Port and Park Board initiatives, commitment to collaborating with the Chamber to promote economic growth, and consistency between their campaign promises and actions were key factors in the selection process. Through these endorsements, the Chamber emphasizes its mission to back leadership that puts the welfare of local businesses and the broader community of Galveston Island at the forefront.