Era Car Only

We’re bringing four era cars – sponsored by Classic Auto Group Galveston and UTMB Health – to the 178th Annual Meeting “Back to Detroit City”.

This Barris Kustom 67-X, 1 of only 4 (only 3 surviving), was built for Canada’s 100th birthday celebration in 1967. Each vehicle is uniquely different with subtle design changes: 1 burgundy red, 1 avocado and 2 gold.

This custom classic was designed and built by George Barris who was famous for building the “Batmobile”, commissioned by Imperial Oil (ESSO) and then raffled off.

George Barris aka King of the Kustoms is also known for his outlandish efforts on “Black Beauty”, a customized Lincoln driven by Bruce Lee in “The Green Hornet”, the Munster Koach for the comedy series, “The Munsters”, and the Trans Am known as K.I.T.T. for Knight Rider.

This enormous classic extends nearly 20 feet and features:

  • Base chassis Oldsmobile Toronado
  • Customized and stretched 15 inches
  • Front passenger seat swivels to face the back to access folding card table
  • Wrap-around rear seat with ice chest in back
  • 425 c.i.d. engine front-wheel-drive
  • AM/FM dual 8-track radios
  • Original interior

Don’t miss the opportunity to see the 1967 Barris Kustom ESSO 67-X at the 178th annual meeting on January 28, 2023 at the Galveston Island Convention Center. For more information, visit