The Galveston Regional Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce the establishment of its Political Action Committee (PAC), a significant milestone in its mission to advocate for business-friendly policies and economic development in the region.

Dedicated to promoting the interests of local businesses and fostering a thriving economic environment, the Galveston Regional Chamber of Commerce introduces its PAC to amplify advocacy efforts for policies supporting economic growth and job creation.

The PAC, launched following the Chamber’s recent attainment of 5-star accreditation from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, symbolizes its commitment to excellence in advocacy and business support services. Serving as a dedicated arm of the Chamber’s advocacy, the PAC will engage with elected officials, candidates, and policymakers to promote initiatives fostering economic growth, job creation, and a vibrant business environment.

“We are excited to introduce the Galveston Regional Chamber of Commerce’s Political Action Committee,” said Gina M. Spagnola, President and CEO of the Galveston Regional Chamber of Commerce. “This initiative reflects our ongoing commitment to advancing policies that promote economic growth, create jobs, and enhance the business climate in our region. The PAC will serve as a powerful tool to advocate for our members and the broader business community.”

The Galveston Regional Chamber of Commerce emphasizes that its PAC operates independently, adhering to all applicable legal and regulatory requirements governing political action committees. The PAC will strictly adhere to the rules and regulations set forth by the Texas Ethics Commission and the Texas Election Code.

For more information, contact Gina Spagnola, President & CEO for the Galveston Regional Chamber of Commerce at (409) 763-5326 or by email at