G.Lee Gallery and CASA of Galveston County are presenting the new virtual show “I Saw the Lights,” featuring Texas favorite Jaston Williams of “Greater Tuna” fame in a darkly funny solo performance. Proceeds from the event will support CASA of Galveston County and publication of George Douglas Lee’s art anthology.

The show, will be available online June 10 thru June 28. Tickets are on sale now. Look for “G. Lee Gallery and CASA of Galveston County” here: https://www.showtix4u.com/event-details/53284

This show is online, you can watch it from anywhere! Buy a ticket now.

When mysterious lights appeared over Lubbock, Texas, in 1951, people wondered aloud whether they were part of some government plot, an invasion by the Russians or just seeing space aliens out to abduct Francine Whitharrel’s Persian cat. Don’t miss this.

Tickets for “I Saw the Lights” are available for purchase here : https://www.showtix4u.com/event-details/53284.

A general virtual event ticket is $25; Group tickets are also available. Can’t make the show? Follow the ticket link, donations are greatly appreciated.

Buy a ticket now. Enjoy the show.