Twia Pic 8.9.23
Pictured, Representative Todd Hunter, State Senator Mayes Middleton, Representative Terri Leo-Wilson, Representative Briscoe Cain and Galveston Regional Chamber of Commerce President & CEO Gina Spagnola

The Galveston Regional Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce its active participation in the recent Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA) Board of Directors meeting held on August 8, 2023. The outcomes of this meeting hold significant importance for both residential and commercial policyholders across the state.

Members of the Galveston Regional Chamber of Commerce’s board, along with State Senator Mayes Middleton, State Representative Todd Hunter, State Representative Teri Leo-Wilson, State Representative Briscoe Cain and City Councilwoman Marie Robb, attended this crucial meeting.

At the meeting, the TWIA Board made a critical decision not to increase policy rates for the year 2024. This decision was reached following a comprehensive evaluation of the Actuarial & Underwriting Committee’s recommendation for a rate increase of 5% for residential policies and 8% for commercial policies. The committee’s recommendation received a close 5 to 4 vote, falling short of the required two-thirds majority vote.

Stakeholders, including elected officials and representatives from coastal communities, played an instrumental role in shaping this decision. Their insightful public comments contributed to the TWIA Board’s commitment to maintain stability in policy rates, ensuring affordable coverage for Texas residents and businesses.

“Participating in the TWIA Board meeting was a crucial opportunity for the Galveston Regional Chamber of Commerce to advocate for the interests of our members and community,” said Gina M. Spagnola, President and CEO of the Chamber. “We are pleased with the Board’s decision to keep policy rates unchanged, which will undoubtedly benefit our local businesses and residents.”

TWIA’s commitment to transparency and accountability was evident throughout the meeting, as the Board discussed various aspects of its operations. In addition to the pivotal rate decision, the Board directed staff to retain the Association’s maximum liability limits, continued its partnership with Aon for catastrophe modeling services, received updates on agent commissions, and made provisions to ensure the Catastrophe Reserve Trust Fund remains accessible for the payment of insured losses.

Furthermore, the engagement of Calhoun, Thomson + Matza for auditing and accounting services for 2024 was approved, along with authorization for other non-auditing services.

As an active participant in the Galveston community, the Galveston Regional Chamber of Commerce recognizes the significance of TWIA’s decisions in safeguarding the interests of residents and businesses across the state. By attending the TWIA Board of Directors meeting, the Chamber reaffirms its commitment to advocating for the welfare of its members and the broader community.

For more information about the outcomes of the TWIA Board of Directors meeting and its impact on policyholders, please visit the TWIA website’s Archived Meetings page.

For more information, visit or contact Gina M. Spagnola, president and chief executive officer for the Galveston Regional Chamber of Commerce at (409) 763-5326 or by email at